Virtual CFO

A perfect solution for a small business.  A full-time CFO can cost over $250,000 per year, and often more when including employee benefits and perks.  We provide you with forecasting, accounts receivable and payable, and advanced reporting. We have several virtual solutions that can provide these services at a fraction of the cost.   

Outsourced Accounting

We serve as your accounting department, but just virtually.  Technology has made it possible to be more efficient and more practical to communicate and perform these tasks remotely.  The key benefits for your business is that you do not need to employee someone full-time to do these tasks or you can now free your self of the hassle of doing the work, and rely on a professional to handle it for you.  Now you will not have to worry about "catching up" and instead always be current with relevant financial information to make decisions in your business.  


Tax time and Uncle Sam are an inevitable part of life and business.  If you are returns are now too complicated for you to now navigate the thousands of pages of tax code, or your current accountant does not seem to be able to be providing meaningful advice throughout the course of the year, then we have a few solutions for you. A tax expert will accurately file your return on time.  We also can provide tax planning and strategy services to plan ahead for next year to avoid those gut-wrenching surprises you may be receiving at tax time now.

Business Consulting

In business one of the first trusted advisors that you should see out is a CPA.  If you are new business starting up and you need help developing your ideas and help getting started, or if you are an established business looking to increase efficiency and most importantly profitability, we can help you become profitable almost immediately.  

Practice Consulting

Our team has had success consulting with Dental Offices to increase efficiencies from the front office to the back office.  Dental Offices now face increased competition as new corporate dental offices and solo practices are popping up everyday.  To be able to compete in this new Dental economy, you will need to take a holistic look at your business.  From marketing, patient retention ,collections, staffing, we have it all covered.  We will develop a comprehensive plan to help maximize your profits, and give you peace of mind to having a long term sustainable practice.    

Anderson Certified Public Accountant LLC , 2021